Jesus Morales is a video production major at Metro State University. He enjoys blending projects in many different art forms such as animation, virtual reality, interviews and skits. He loves to collaborate with LunAseas to further incorporate dance into these art forms. He is forming a virtual reality club at Metro State, and looks forward to bringing the virtual reality further into the mainstream. Overall, he loves to meet, film, and create art with as many people as he can, as the collaboration process bolsters everyone's work and is a whole lot of fun! 
Jesus is our videographer and film collaborator. His work has been vital for helping the us show the world our creative mediums and helping us find new way to integrate cutting edge technology in to our collaboration. 
Stills from previous video projects and VR
Video Examples
Instagram short of War of the Worlds performance clips with VR painting
King Skyscraper- a super hero animation project
Full VR and War of the Worlds performance clips video
Full video of Moon Steps with Transgalatic Void (our verison of the Twlight Zone) interludes
Short video interlacing AR with the story line.
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