Inspired by the iconic silent film by George Mellies. Le Voyage Dans La Lune takes the audience on a timeless journey through time and space. Mix with memories on the director's own experience with domestic violence Le Voyage Dans La Lune follows the fate of a little girl who is witness to the abuse of her mother. Her imagination takes her on an adventure to the moon and beyond . This whimsical tale touches audience members of all ages with live music tailored to the performance and illusionary sets, costumes, and props.
Written and Directed by Leah Casper
Choreography  and Performance by Leah Casper, Rita Corey, Kelsey Keirnan, Ariel Banos, Steve Dewey
Costumes and Props: Leah Casper, Rita Corey, Louise Kello, Ascential Dance Theatre
Projections and Lighting by LuneAseas (6Degrees Collaborative), Reed Otto, Walker Mondok
Stills from video by Jesus Morales
Music by Shane Burke and Cheyenne Dane
Audio recordiong by Air from the Le Voyage Dans La Lune Soundtrack
Video by Jesus Morales
Moonsteps is a scene in Le Voyage Dans La Lune. Set on the moon, the moon mother awake to find a little girl on the moon. She is delighted in the strange creature that has visited the moon. She introduces the little girl the mischievous moonlings.
Directed by Leah Casper
Music by Shane Burke
Choreography by Rita Corey and Leah Casper
Set and Projection Mapping by Walker Mondok
Costumes by Louise Kello, Rita Corey, Leah Casper, and Ascential Dance Theatre
Video by Jesus Morales
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